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About Alabaster's Ink Well

Truth. Beauty. Imagination.

Alabaster's Ink Well is an exploration of self publishing, a platform for various endeavors of others, and a show place for creativity and grace.

Mission statement: 


The aim of Alabaster’s Ink Well is to promote  firelight impressions of truth, beauty, and imagination.  


Firelight connotes the warmth of fellowship that flows from animated exchange of thought and emotions. Opportunities to engage in truth, reflections of natural and spiritual beauty, or imaginations bent towards light instead of shades of darkness generate power to the soul from a shattered reality into wholeness.  


All impressions that are excellent, good, and worthy of meditation come from the source of all good and all love and all power. Alabaster’s Ink Well exists to serve the Creator of Heaven and Earth and to Whom all will give account. 

About The Founder

Amanda Chambers

mom pic.jpg

After growing up in the tidewater area of Virginia, Amanda attended UNC Chapel Hill where she received a BA in English and a MS in Library Science. She is married to her sweetheart, David, who she met on a blind date (Romantic!), and she is mom to David and Luke.

Following her passion for creative writing, arts and crafts and missions, Amanda launched Alabaster’s Ink Well.

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